Teaching Tools
Where Should I Sit? 02:47
Seating arrangements can make or break your presentations when there are more seats than attendants. It is a resource allocation issue that requires thoughtful solutions.
It's Participation, Stupid! 03:16
Participation coupons can transform your classes into "revival" meetings.
Online Courses - Pros and Cons 02:16
What to expect in online courses?
Livingeconomics Video Guide 09:13
Introduction to livingeconomics - an online customizable textbook on economic principles.
Collabics - More Writing, Less Grading 27:17
Collabics is a creative-commons web utility that encourages peer learning through collaborative writing and reduces grading load in large classes. Collabics solves the problem of free-riding in collaborative writing by peer rating of individual submissions. By grading only the top-rated submission in each randomly assigned group, grading load is reduced.
Askme Forum (Student and Instructor) 05:16
An askme forum for online courses.
Ulogistics Discussion Forum (Instructor side) 06:26
A threaded discussion forum with more powerful instructor tools. Instructor side.
Ulogistics Discussion Forum (Student side) 04:16
A threaded discussion forum with more powerful instructor tools. Student side only.